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2 - 6 years

FasTracKids is an optional e-learning program that enhances key skills. Children love the interactive, hands-on activities for each lesson.

What is FasTracKids?

FasTracKids®, is an optional program offered 4 times a week, during the school day, spanning 2 years. It’s for children ages 2 through 6. FasTrackKids® uses an interactive whiteboard to help kids learn naturally. It‘s multi-sensory approach to develop critical thinking, creativity, communication, and collaboration.

Why FasTracKids?

Children develop 85% of their intellect and personality by age 5. FasTracKids® encourages creativity and brain development during your child’s most productive years. FasTracKids® + Apple Montessori increases your child's chances to achieve success, health and happiness. FasTracKids® has shown to increase vocabulary & social behavior 100% to 150% faster than peers. And, while boosting school performance by 1 to 2 grades.

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