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Building independence and fostering natural curiosity

18 months to 2 1/2 years

Our toddler program guides children to develop new skills and explore new experiences in various developmental areas at their own pace.

Insightful guidance as they grow

Children thrive in a nurturing environment. One that also offers appropriate opportunities to develop their full potential. We emphasize building your child’s independence and fostering their natural curiosity. This sets the foundation for a lifelong love of learning.

Why Apple Montessori

Area of Focus

Health & safety

Enhanced safety protocols and specialized toddler training for caregivers

Respect for the child

Every child respected and understood as an individual


Help toddlers assert their autonomy with, “Help me do it myself”

Individualized learning

Develop new skills and explore new experiences—at their own pace

Practical Life

Learn about self-care, including feeding, dressing and washing dishes


Learning through the five senses to comprehend & classify the world around them


Unique phonics program introduces children to the fundamentals of language

Social interaction

Group activities such as finger play games, story time and music class

Daily parent communication

Electronic communication to stay informed of your child’s progress

More of What Matters

A beautiful space

that becomes their home away from home

Food tasting

to learn & develop a love of many new foods

Baby Yoga

to strengthen muscles, balance, flexibility & coordination

Baby Signs

to communicate needs, feelings & desires as they strive for independence

Child-sized furniture

to meet your child’s developmental needs

Choice of materials

to explore their own interests at their own pace

Learn responsibility & order

by placing games and materials back to their specific place


with support and guidance

”At 18 months she is far more advanced than we ever anticipated. She knows her colors and some shapes and has started singing her ABC’s. It’s truly remarkable to see her development and we can definitely attribute it to all of her teachers and the wonderful staff at Apple Montessori. We made the right choice.”

Isa M.

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