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A loving and stimulating environment

6 weeks to 18 months

We are committed to providing the best in infant care and education so that we can give every child the best start for their learning and development.

Nurturing and learning from the start

Experience a warm and loving environment for your little one. Our caregivers foster milestones for self-confidence, independence, coordination, focus and concentration. We accommodate each child to eat, sleep, or play according to their own natural timetable. We provide separate, quiet sleeping areas to help promote healthy sleep habits.

Why Apple Montessori

Area of Focus

Health & Safety

An entire team trained to keep your baby safe

Respect for the child

Every child respected and understood as an individual

Love & Security

Trusting bonds formed between children and caregivers


A philosophy that encourages exploration, self-awareness and self-care

Freedom of Movement

Floor time, tummy time and more to build physical & cognitive skills

Social Interaction

A solid foundation promoting interpersonal connection

Daily Individual Lessons

One-on-one lessons for special developmental areas

Daily Parent Communication

Electronic communication to stay informed of your child’s progress

More of What Matters

Designated Primary Caregiver

To share daily accomplishments and feedback

Video Camera Access Available

For peace of mind

Individualized Schedule

To accommodate care, eating, changing & napping for your child

Baby Signs

To communicate needs, feelings & desires as they strive for independence

Baby Yoga

to strengthen muscles, balance, flexibility & coordination

Support for all feeding styles

“Besides the safe, secure, and clean facility, the staff is so caring and loving. We now have three children benefitting from what we believe to be the best educational experience available. They are thriving academically and socially. What more could a parent ask for?!?”

Tracey Byrne

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Why Trust Us

Educating & nurturing children since 1972

Providing peace of mind for families every day.

50+ years of setting high standards in early childhood education

25,000+ graduates from preschool through elementary

Accredited by Middle States Commission Members of International Montessori Society | New Jersey Montessori Association Corporation

On average, our Teachers have 8 years tenure and 16 year Training department tenure

95% of Apple parents would recommend us to other parents