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Make the most of these critical formative years

6 - 12 years (Grades 1-6)
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Apple Montessori Elementary offers an unparalleled experience that prepares your child for happiness and success beyond their years in the classroom.

Preparing students for life

Elementary is a critical stage in your child’s self-discovery and exploration of the world around them. Apple Montessori Schools makes learning intuitive and fun. We continue this practice in our Elementary school. The curriculum, classroom, faculty and materials foster confidence, independence, passion, and a lifelong love of learning.

The Difference

What Sets Apple Montessori Elementary Apart

Creating an atmosphere where children love to learn is vital. At Apple Montessori Elementary School, we foster self-discovery, independence, and self-reliance.

Apple Elementary
Lessons are active and hands-on, in a supportive, respectful, fun environment.
Lessons address each child’s needs. They often work one-on-one or in small groups and move at their own pace.
Children work to satisfy an innate curiosity and passion for learning.
Our curriculum is not limited by state mandates.
Student-to-teacher ratio 1:15
Traditional Elementary
Lessons are directed by the teacher and mostly focus on learning through lectures and memorizing.
Students are provided a set curriculum. This means students are required to move forward based on a predetermined time.
Educators focus on rewarding achievement through external motivations.
The curriculum is state mandated.
Student-to-teacher ratio 1:25 (often exceeds)

Apple Montessori Elementary students score in the top 15% in Science & Geography*

*Based on the national average from 2020 and 2021 Terra Nova scores

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The Apple Montessori Elementary Curriculum

Lower (Ages 6 to 9) and Upper (Ages 9 to 12) Elementary


Learning through the study of human accomplishment. The focus is on culture, government, arts, invention, medicine, economics and modern progress. Students gain respect for how nature will support life for generations to come.


Botany, Zoology, History of the Universe, Earth Science, Chemistry and Physics. We present students with real examples before delving into concepts and facts.


Students learn about the formation of the universe, creation of the earth, and all its physical properties. They also study human society, the needs of people and bridging the past with the present. This creates context and importance of a global community.


Materials bring clarity of abstract concepts. This helps children become comfortable manipulating numbers. This broad understanding of math formulas takes the fear out of math. This also prepares students for more advanced calculations.

Literature & Language

Our unique phonics-based program helps students become fluent readers. We use concrete representations rather than traditional grammar lessons. They learn the function of words while developing a love of reading. They’ll apply these skills in research projects, creative writing and throughout the curriculum.

Foreign Language

The Spanish curriculum emphases speaking skills with the use of integrated Montessori materials. Weekly lessons incorporate vocabulary, conversation, grammar, reading and writing. They further apply these skills corresponding with pen-pals from other countries.

Music & Art

Our program nurtures an appreciation and understanding of art and music. In each study, there are two classes per week. One on theory and one where students express artistic and musical creativity.

Computer Studies

Students use computers to problem-solve and research information. They also utilize office applications and build skills for programming, and movie making. We encourage students to use technology in school projects and at home.


STEAM stands for Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts and Mathematics. This program of broad concepts stimulates a child’s natural sense of wonder to become pioneer thinkers. Children explore, invent and solve interesting problems. This includes coding and robotics while preparing students for modern technological advances.

Outdoor Learning

In our outdoor garden, our students develop a familiarity and appreciation of nature, while fostering a stewardship ethic for the environment. This peaceful environment offers space and time for reading, writing and reflection. From seed to table the students see their curriculum come to life!

Physical Education

Taking care of the body is essential for taking care of the mind. Students learn early on to take great care of themselves and others—for life. Through cooperative games, rhythm, gymnastics and physical fitness, we incorporate movement, spatial awareness and balance.


Our 4 Cornerstones

We believe in teachers and families working together, while guiding children as they build a strong academic foundation and learn skills to help make the world a better place.

Passion for Learning

Students learn to be active, curious participants in their education. This goes beyond memorizing endless facts. We make learning meaningful and personal. Early, we strive to inspire students with stories. Later, they learn about history, math, literature, science and more. They work together solving problems and building teamwork skills.

Strong Academic Foundation

Language, math, geography, history, science, physical education, art, music and technology. All without loads of textbooks, drills, or mindless repetition. Students support each other in peer groups while striving for excellence. This keeps children interested vs. distracted, calm vs. stressed, while building a passion for learning. Students discover it's cool to be smart.

Life Skills for Tomorrow

Children learn best when they're genuinely curious with curriculum and educators that inspire them. Every lesson we offer builds leadership, initiative, self-discipline, persistence, resilience, communication, and confidence. Each child learns and hones skills to use for the rest of their life.

Cosmic Task

We encourage every graduate to follow their passion, find their niche and be true to themselves. Every child has a “cosmic task” or reason for existing. We help children learn skills for life, in order to unleash the best versions of themselves. This drives every decision we make and every action we take as educators.

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