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The Top 5 Reasons to Choose Apple Elementary

There Are Countless Reasons to Choose Apple Elementary – Here Are 5 of Them

Choosing a preschool and kindergarten program for our children can be a little nerve-wracking (to put it mildly). We want to give them a great start on their education while also making sure they’re learning in a safe, fun, and nurturing environment.

Elementary-aged kids have been around the block a few times, but that doesn’t make choosing a good school for them any less important.

At this age, they’re building on those core skills they learned in kindergarten, and this will give them their intellectual foundation. And while the elementary student’s brain may not be as hyper-absorbent as it was during preschool years, they are still going through sensitive periods that can make a huge difference in reaching key developmental milestones.

Choosing the right elementary school is essential to setting our children on the right path and continuing to build on the foundations they built during kindergarten. That’s why we created a world-class elementary program. There are countless reasons to choose Apple Elementary for your child – from our skilled educators to our secure learning facilities – but we won’t go over all of them here. Instead, here are five of the biggest ones.

1. Fostering a Lifelong Passion for Learning

We know that good learning is engaged learning. No one ever learned much while nodding off during a lesson or while losing interest in what they’re reading.

Our elementary program keeps students engaged by building a strong association between learning and excitement. Students get to pursue the topics that interest them the most and embark on extended research projects on subjects they’re passionate about.

We also focus on experiential and hands-on learning. This helps students relate to and understand the material, but it also keeps it from ever becoming dull. They’ll learn a lot, but because it’s active learning, it will never feel like work. Instead, it feels like what learning should be: exploration and curiosity-driven problem solving.

Students also have plenty of opportunities to share their work and celebrate their successes. Whether it’s showing their classmates what they learned, displaying projects in the classroom, or seeing their name printed in the school newspaper, sharing these accomplishments is a great way to build excitement.

All this engagement doesn’t just mean our students learn a lot about the world around them while acquiring essential academic skills. It also means they see the value of learning and develop a lifelong passion for it.

2. Individual or Small Group Sessions

In larger classrooms, it’s easy to get lost in the crowd. Anyone who has been taught in a traditional school setting knows how hard it can be to learn in that kind of environment.

Individualized learning is the only way to help children achieve their potential. Every child is unique, so it doesn’t make sense to deliver the same standardized lessons to a whole classroom.

Our teachers let students take ownership of their learning. Instead of imposing a fixed curriculum, they act as guides who tailor their teaching to each student’s needs, allowing them to learn at their most effective pace and making sure they are progressing on their own timeline. It’s a way to respect every student’s uniqueness and encourage them to become exactly who they’re meant to be.

3. Teaching the Skills of Tomorrow

How do we make sure our children get a future-proof education when we don’t even know what tomorrow holds? We do it by helping them develop enduring life skills that will be of great importance and in high demand no matter what kind of technology and social reality awaits them in adulthood.

Our elementary program gives students the opportunity to take on leadership roles by helping and mentoring their younger classmates.

They also have the opportunity to contribute to their community and get to know the people in it by volunteering to help local food pantries, animal shelters, and other organizations.

But most of all, our daily activities are designed to foster positive character traits and skills like leadership, collaboration, resiliency, self-discipline, communication, and confidence.

4. Building a Strong Academic Foundation

If you take a peek inside a Montessori classroom, you’ll see a lot of happy, engaged, and active students. What you won’t see are big stacks of textbooks, high-stress learning drills, and robotic repetition. But that doesn’t mean we’re letting academics take a backseat. In fact, we’re using learning methods that are in every subject—from math, languages, history, and science to arts and technology.

We’re not opposed to facts and memorization when they’re the best way to help students expand their knowledge, but we prefer to focus mostly on hands-on learning and practical applications. Our goal is to improve our students’ understanding and critical thinking, not train them to repeat answers.

That’s one of the reasons our elementary students score, on average, two grade levels ahead of their peers.

5. Our Partnerships with Parents

What happens at school is just one part of a child’s education and development. What happens at home has an immense influence, too.

Children are often shuffled between home and school without much continuity between the two. The parents don’t know what their kids are doing all day, and the teachers don’t have time to communicate with their students’ families.

We do things differently. We bridge these two worlds by creating strong partnerships with parents.

It all starts with communication. We keep parents in the know and send weekly and monthly newsletters with updates on what their children are accomplishing in class. We also provide educational and parenting resources to support at-home learning, and connect more directly with parent seminars, conferences and special school events throughout the year.

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Those are just five reasons to choose Apple Elementary, but there are so many more. If you want to find out what those are, reach out to us or schedule a tour. We’d be happy to show you all the wonderful ways an Apple Elementary education can benefit your child.