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Parent Observations and Parent–Teacher Conferences: An Important Part of Our Partnership

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Communicating and Collaborating Fosters Your Child’s Success

One of the many benefits of an Apple Montessori education is the relationship built between parents and teachers to help your child develop well academically, emotionally and socially. That’s why parent observations and parent-teacher conferences are available three times per year typically in October, January and May. These events play a critical role in creating a mutually beneficial partnership between you, your child, and our teachers to help make the most of your child’s development and educational experience.

Participating in your child’s education first-hand

At Apple Montessori Schools, we welcome and encourage parents to observe their children in our classrooms and engage directly with our teachers to ask questions and better understand how your child is progressing and embracing their unique hands-on learning experiences. Collaboration among parents and teachers helps communicate consistent, positive study habits; behavior; and values; as well as identify any issues that can be addressed to help your child, inside and outside the classroom.

Parent Observations

The parent observations occur 1-2 weeks prior to the parent-teacher conferences to help parents better prepare for the conference with specific classroom observations and questions. Parents can be silent observers in their child’s classroom during a designated time slot, reading group or FasTractKids lessons.

If your child is very young or relatively new to Apple Montessori, he or she may not be able to continue working if he or she knows you are in the classroom. We suggest that you consult your child’s teacher for a recommendation about what’s best for your child. Also, be sure to inform your child about when you plan to visit his or her classroom to avoid surprising your child.

As a guest seated in our classroom during parent observations, please try not to engage the teacher, your child or other children in conversation. This is your opportunity to view your child freely explore and enjoy our nurturing learning environment.

Also, if your child should become distracted or upset when you are in the classroom, we encourage you to leave the room and we will reschedule a convenient time for you to return and observe anonymously.

Parent-Teacher Conferences

To gain the most of your parent-teacher conference we recommend:

Being prepared with any comments or questions you may have about your child’s activities, behavior, or special interests. If you’ve noticed any changes in your child’s personality, actions or level of enthusiasm, be sure to share your thoughts and observations with our teachers. Together, you and your child’s teacher can discuss an action plan that’s best suited for your child. Here are some questions you may want to consider:

  • How does my child’s development compare to others his/her age?
  • What can I do at home to support the school’s efforts?
  • What are my child’s most notable strengths?
  • What are areas of concern?
  • How is my child challenged? Is he/she overwhelmed or adapting well?

If possible, we encourage both parents to participate in the parent-teacher conference. This collaboration leads to better communication and insightful dialog between parents and teachers. Please note: children do not attend parent-teacher conferences.

Ongoing Communications

We believe in the value of ongoing, consistent communications between parents and teachers to help monitor and guide your child’s emotional, educational and social development at his or her own pace. We encourage you to participate in both the parent observations and parent-teacher conferences with us. By continually participating in these events, together we can gauge changes and progress, both at home and at school.

If you are unable to attend the upcoming events, please contact your child’s teacher to schedule a mutually agreeable time to participate in parent observations or parent-teacher conferences.

On behalf of the Apple Montessori staff, we thank you for working in partnership with us to support your child’s developmental and educational needs.