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Outdoor Classrooms at Apple Montessori


At Apple Montessori Schools we nurture the whole child under one of the fundamental principles that children are learning everywhere and all the time! We provide our children with an abundance of Montessori materials as these are proven, powerful tools. A further powerful learning tool is the addition of our outdoor classroom! Recent research is proving that there are tremendous benefits to providing children with an outdoor space as an influential, sustainable educational tool.

At its simplest, our outdoor classroom and its gardens connect our children with the natural world. From birds singing to butterflies fluttering, to digging in the dirt as he or she contemplates peace and quiet. Our students develop a familiarity and appreciation of nature in as many ways as possible, while fostering stewardship skills for the environment.

The outdoor curriculum evolves and changes with our students ever changing needs and interests. Among many other things, this space will promote and develop an interest in science and math by connecting our students with nature while improving ecological language and literacy.

Children will be offered opportunities to build critical thinking skills and enhance applications of systems thinking, while participating in hands-on group activities, projects and experiments. Working together as they foster relationships and friendships, enjoying team building by problem solving through self-initiation, control and personal responsibility.

We look forward to answering endless questions in our beautiful, peaceful, outdoor classroom and garden. Where does water come from? Where does it go? What is a water flow system? What do plants need to grow? How many species of plants do we have? What insects to do we see? What nutrients are in our soil? Oh, the places we will go in our outdoor classroom and garden!

We at Apple Montessori are very excited as we work to bring the best forward-thinking practices and spaces to our students; continuing to lay the foundation for a lifetime of school success and a love for learning!