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How is Apple Montessori Different? Our Unique Approach to Early Childhood Education


Apple Montessori’s one-of-a-kind approach to the Montessori method is unique from other schools for many reasons. What we provide can be summed up in a quote by Dr. Montessori herself, “The greatest gifts we can give our children are the roots of responsibility and the wings of independence.”

At Apple Montessori, we provide the ideal environment for your child to gain those roots and wings. Your child will be in a welcoming space where they can explore their interests. We truly believe in the Montessori method and put it into practice in everything we do.

The Montessori Method at Apple Montessori Schools

Here are some of the ways you’ll see the method in action at our schools:


Our teachers act as calm, unobtrusive guides – providing your child with the tools to learn independently and offering guidance when needed. They recognize the importance of following the child. As Dr. Montessori says, children will naturally “show you what they need to do, what they need to develop in themselves and what area they need to be challenged in.” This child-centered approach develops your child’s independence, encourages their sense of curiosity, and allows them to experience freedom and joy in learning. These are the wings of independence they will need to flourish as they grow older.

Holistic Approach

Apple Montessori provides a holistic approach to education. Whereas traditional schools focus on academics and testing, Apple values the development of the whole child:

  • Intellectually: Children’s minds are stimulated by hands-on, experiential learning.
  • Emotionally: They are each treated with deep respect as a unique individual.
  • Socially: Multi-age classrooms allow older children to inspire and guide younger students and gain confidence by becoming classroom leaders. Younger students look to older students as role models.
  • Physically: Recess, physical education, hands-on learning, and extra-curricular activities develop fine and gross motor skills.
  • Ethically: The children are immersed in the mini-society of their classroom that teaches a set of shared values and ideals such as grace and courtesy, as well as respect and kindness for others.

Multi-Age Classrooms and Opportunities for Independence

At the same time, our mixed-age classrooms teach the children social skills, the value of learning from and helping their peers, and how to be responsible to others. In addition, children learn practical life skills, which are daily living tasks that help them to build confidence in caring for themselves and for their surroundings. These are the roots of responsibility and independence that will help them grow into mature, considerate people.

A Modern Montessori Approach

Apple Montessori goes beyond other traditional Montessori schools by combining Maria Montessori’s ahead-of-her-time wisdom with modern evidence-based programs, such as our phonics-based literacy program and STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Art, and Mathematics) focus.

Our phonics program has most students reading by age 4. The STEAM curriculum teaches students a wide variety of scientific problem-solving skills as well as creativity and self-expression through art, music, and drama. Our toddlers participate in Baby Yoga to help them develop body awareness and strength, and learn to communicate their needs and feelings using Baby Signs. FasTracKids also takes advantage of the critical period of brain development between ages 2 and 6, with outcomes such as increased vocabulary, creativity, social behavior, and improved academic performance. Students also learn to speak Spanish, which puts them on the path to becoming global citizens.

This chart highlights the benefits of Apple Montessori, compared to Traditional Early Childhood Education Programs:
The Apple Experience

Parents are consistently thrilled with our unique approach to education which combines the Montessori philosophy with the latest research and trends in early childhood education. Here’s what one parent had to say:

“We chose Apple Montessori after looking at other schools and talking to people in our area. We really value the philosophy of the school. It was the best decision we could have made. Our daughter is in kindergarten and can pick any book off our shelf and start reading it herself. My children have gained self-confidence and autonomy. The school provides a holistic curriculum, fostering the children’s natural learning of academics, art, and self-esteem. We love the teachers and staff and will miss being a part of this community when our youngest child graduates.” – Jamia I., YELP!

In summary, Apple Montessori will help your child discover their own love of learning and help them gain vital skills that they will use for the rest of their lives.

Are you ready to give your child the gift of a modern Montessori education? Enroll today!