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Apple Montessori dedicates a memorial bench in honor of late co-founder

Apple Montessori dedicates a memorial bench in honor of late co-founder, Rex Bailey

Kinnelon, NJ – On Tuesday, June 29th, friends, family, and colleagues gathered to celebrate the life and legacy of the late Rex Bailey. As a two-term public School Board President for the Kinnelon Board of Education, Mr. Bailey was a pillar of the community, and continued his passion of setting high standards for all levels of education by co-founding Apple Montessori Schools, one of the first Montessori schools in northern New Jersey, with his wife, Jane Bailey in 1972.

The Kinnelon school, established in 1972, holds a special place in the family’s hearts as it was the first school opened. Apple Montessori, now with 16 locations throughout New Jersey, was built on the passion and drive of Rex and Jane Bailey, and the continued growth of their reach only cements those early foundations.

To honor Mr. Bailey, the Apple Montessori community has commissioned and placed a memorial bench at the Kinnelon school. The plaque reads: “A Life that Touches Others Goes on Forever.”

This bench will be a loving reminder of Mr. Bailey and all of the students that have been nurtured into kind, independent, happy, and well-rounded young people. For nearly 50 years, thanks to the enduring legacy of Rex and the Bailey family, Apple Montessori has been entrusted with the happiness and success of tens of thousands of children, including Mr. Bailey’s children and grandchildren.

“Education was his life’s passion,” Joanne Mooney, founding family member and Mr. Bailey’s daughter. “And we are so happy to gather here and honor him in such a fitting tribute.”

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