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Apple Montessori Comes Together for Professional Development Day


Special thanks to our guest blogger, Ms. Koonce

We consider our parents as partners in our student’s education. That’s why we wanted to share a bit about our latest Professional Development Day. Like our students, education for our teachers never ends. Through our highly-regarded ongoing professional development and training, our team is able to be at their best and increase the level of achievement of their students.

Recently, the whole Apple Montessori Schools’ team attended Professional Development Day. All staff from new assistants to our Veteran Teachers and Directors attended. This training allows our newest staff members to become well-versed in Apple Montessori’s philosophy and approach, and for our veterans, this is the time to enhance skills and become even more proficient in their roles. This intensive training ensures our educators and administrators continue to strengthen their practice throughout their career.

Professional Development Day is also a time of team building. Our teams collaborate and assist one another through hands-on exercises and lessons. By the end of the day, new and veteran staff become a blossoming community working toward the same goal. Our Apple team is filled with curious, enthusiastic, and compassionate people who are excited to learn and share their knowledge to guide their students into realizing their full potential. Our team members thrive in the collaborative environment that professional development creates.

The fields of child development and education are in a constant influx of new research, technologies, and experiential insights. Our expert trainers utilized these understandings to teach immersive classes on Classroom Setup, Practical Life, Math, Fastracks/Technology, Discipline in the Montessori Classroom, Reading Group, Infant and Toddler Lessons 1 & 2, Montessori Orientation and STEAM. Each member of our team participated in these classes and received an active demonstration into the curriculum. Teachers and administrators who are well versed in the ‘Apple Montessori Difference’ are vital to the triumph of our students. Apple believes that just like our students, our team deserves to be nurtured and taught the necessary skills to be the best that they can be.

A huge THANK YOU to all of our staff for making this a fun and productive experience!