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Natural Play and Learning Space

Apple Montessori Schools’ Outdoor Classroom provides various multi-sensory activities that enable students to develop cognitive skills, muscle coordination, balance, and confidence. With the support of their teachers, children are given the opportunity to initiate their academic, physical, and social-emotional experiences.

What is an Outdoor Classroom?

The purpose of an Outdoor Classroom is to encourage children to get outside while connecting with nature in hands-on and engaging ways. Studies prove that outdoor learning supports cognitive and psychological development as well providing physical benefits.

Outdoor Classroom Features

A Stimulating Outdoor Environment

Activities Vary By Location

A messy materials area

where children will experiment with a variety of natural objects

A water area

which encourage sensory experiences, creative play, and improves grip and hand-eye coordination

Natural wooden playsets

to help develop gross motor skills

A building area

with blocks and other natural materials

Garden area

to foster stewardship skills

Expert Outdoor Classroom designers

helped in designing and developing plans for our classrooms

Stimulating curriculum

designed to develop their motor, cognitive, language, academic, creative, and social-emotional skills

And More!

Outdoor Classroom Locations

“There must be provision for the child to have contact with nature; to understand and appreciate the order, the harmony and the beauty in nature.”

Dr. Maria Montessori