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Fostering Independence in Your Child


Your child’s first day at a new school or summer camp can be a little stressful for you and your child. It’s a disruption in your routines, you may not know what to expect, and you both may be experiencing a little separation anxiety.

I remember when entering the first-grade, I did not want to leave my mother for the day. For the first week, my mother walked me to school every day and was there at the end of classes to walk me home. She was so sweet and comforting, assuring me that I was going to be fine and would learn to enjoy going to school by myself soon.

Once I got in the routine of going to school and being in the welcoming, well-appointed classroom with my teacher and the other students, I found the atmosphere and activities so interesting and exciting. The sense of freedom and independence in the school environment was so empowering to me. There was something to discover and enjoy every day. Language, reading, writing, math, geography, music, and fun, learning activities with the other children in the classroom and playground.

At Apple Montessori Schools, our teachers understand that it takes time to develop a sense of independence in your child, allowing them to develop skills, interests, confidence and self-reliance at their own pace. We observe your child’s behavior and guide them through purposeful activities to help them enjoy learning independently or as part of a team within a safe, respectful environment.

Setting expectations

From the outset in our classrooms, we establish expectations for appropriate, respectful behavior. Children in three-year age groups learn how to:

  • Greet each other and speak politely to others with “please,” “thank you,” and “excuse me.”
  • Be responsible for keeping the classroom orderly and putting away Montessori educational materials and activities once completed.
  • Exercise patience in waiting their turn without interrupting others.
  • Share and work collaboratively with fellow students in fun, learning exercises.
  • Select individual activities to work on at their own pace.
  • Model the appropriate behavior of older children and help guide younger children.
  • Ask for assistance when needed.
Fostering an engaging educational environment

Founder Dr. Maria Montessori believed that children have an innate desire, love, and curiosity to learn. When provided the freedom to select activities and engage in subjects that are naturally of interest, children focus and concentrate independently and happily for long periods of time.

For over forty-five years, Apple Montessori Schools has experienced this to be true. Sparking creative energy and enthusiasm leads to educating independent children who love to learn and contribute to their environment in a meaningful way.

“The greatest gifts we can give our children are the roots of responsibility and the wings of independence.” — Dr. Maria Montessori