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The Importance of Health and Safety at Apple Montessori Schools Part 2

As another school year begins with success, we are so grateful to open our doors to the smiling faces of our students and continue the Apple Montessori tradition of providing an unparalleled education — all in a loving and safe environment.

Covid-19 Concerns

At Apple Montessori Schools, we settle for nothing less than the most advanced health and safety measures. To ensure the health of our staff and students, we’ve put together a set of safety measures to limit exposure to and the spread of Covid-19.

Because children share materials and toys, how does Apple Montessori plan to help children keep from getting sick?

Apple Montessori has implemented rigorous cleaning standards in all our classrooms, and due to the age and nature of our infant and toddler classrooms, we have implemented some specific guidelines and policies for these classrooms.

First, our infant and toddler classrooms use child-safe green/organic cleaning solutions during the day while the children are in school. This ensures that caregivers can quickly and safely clean up any messes that pop up. Second, our infant and toddler classrooms utilize HEPA vacuum cleaners that are only used in those classrooms to help keep our air clean and fresh. Third, we have two sanitizing machines to keep our materials and classrooms sanitized.

We have a high-powered Electrostatic Sprayer used in combination with a specialized EPA disinfectant solution that we use in the classroom when no children are present to sanitize all materials, furniture, walls, floors, doorknobs, and anything else in our rooms. We also have a germ sanitizing machine that we place our Montessori materials in that eliminates 99.9% of bacteria and viruses from materials and toys found in our classrooms. We use these machines daily to ensure the safety of our students.

Due to the nature of our infant classrooms, Kellyann McNamara explains that extra steps are taken to keep students safe, “In our infant classrooms, our caregivers wear shoes that are only worn in their classroom because we have babies crawling on the floor. They also wear special smock tops that can be changed if they get soiled in any way because when we are holding babies close we want to make sure they are held against a clean surface.”

Additionally, children and staff will wash or sanitize their hands on a regular basis throughout the day.

What will happen if a student or teacher tests positive for Covid-19?

If a child or staff member becomes ill, we will follow all guidelines given to us by the CDC, and state and local health officials. If we have a classroom closure due to Covid-19 exposure, we will offer our At Home program to those families.

What is Apple Montessori doing to address Covid-19?

One good thing about being well into the Covid-19 pandemic is that we know more than we did at the beginning. We are grateful that there are many scientific-based measures we can follow to reduce the spread of Covid-19. Here are some of the measures we are taking:

  • staff will wear face coverings and wash their hands upon entering classrooms.
  • Children over the age of 2 will be required to wear a face covering to school daily and encouraged to wear it correctly throughout the day.
  • All staff, parents, and children will be screened before entering the building.
  • Children and staff showing signs of illness will be asked to stay home until they’re well again.
  • We are increasing sanitization and cleaning procedures.

“My experience with all of the Apple Montessori schools have been wonderful. The staff is incredible, the facilities are clean and well-cared-for, and the children’s education and safety is absolutely the main priority.” – Hayley M.

The school year is a wonderful time, we love providing our children with an environment to work with materials, socialize with friends, spend time outside, and with their loving teachers! We would encourage you to visit us and see for yourself how we keep our community safe.

Please visit our Health and Safety page to learn more about our guidelines and procedures.