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10 Montessori Summer Activities for Your Baby

“Giving children the opportunity to stir up life and leave it free to discover.”

—Dr. Maria Montessori

Summer isn’t over yet! Help your baby enjoy and grow from purposeful Montessori-inspired activities all summer long. You will foster the development of fine and gross motor skills, mobility and balance, muscle strength, language, and sensorial experiences using different sights, sounds, textures, and scents.

Here are a few ideas for outside or inside on a rainy day.

Mastering Movement and Motor Skills

❶ Arrange colorful fruits and vegetables in cups, bowls, and platters.

❷ Fill and empty an empty egg carton with colorful plastic balls.

❸ Splash and swim in a backyard wading pool or exercise on a multicolored floor mat.

Developing Language

❹ Use picture books or flashcards to illustrate colors, shapes, animals, plants, and birds.

❺ Play with puppets using different voices for entertaining conversation.

❻ Sing nursery rhymes and children’s songs while at home or on car rides.

Exploring the Sensorial

❼ Create your own beach with an outdoor sandbox filled with seashells for your baby to explore and touch

❽ Play with playdough or goop. You can make your own with cornstarch, water, and food coloring.

❾ Enjoy a walk in the garden to smell the fresh flowers and herbs.

❿ Make a sensory basket filled with child-safe items of different textures, including sponges, yarn balls, small fabric cushions, ribbons, and plush animals for your child to touch and explore.